Commercial Applications

Question: Are tankless water heaters for just one sink or shower, or will they provide enough hot water for a whole house or large commercial applications?

From one sink or shower to one thousand sinks and showers, tankless water heaters can and will provide endless hot water – all you need for as long as you need it.
In fact, tankless water heaters are especially ideal for high-volume projects – much more so than traditional tanks or boilers. For flow rates of, say, 12 GPM and up at 60°F rise for any reasonable length of time (10 minutes or more), you would either: 1) need a very large tank (approximately 100 gallons or more); or 2) need at least two normally sized tanks plumbed in parallel. The results?

Either tank-type configuration would entail increased energy costs to produce and store that much hot water 24/7/365.
Higher storage temperatures are dangerous and will produce more scale buildup over time, reducing efficiency and shortening tank life.
By definition, a storage unit only has a finite amount of hot water, so it can still run out!

Compare all the negatives with the tankless, a Takagi will save you energy and space from day one. Properly sized to the application, tankless will never let you run out of hot water.

For example, four T-K3, T-M32, T-M50, or T-H2-DV, T-H2-OSunits will supply enough hot water for even the largest homes!

Here are just a few examples of high-volume applications that Takagi can handle:

Large homes with four or more baths, or custom showers with multiple, high-flow showerheads, hand showers, and body sprays.
Apartments and condominiums
Offices and warehouses
Restaurants and fast-food outlets
Health clubs and gyms
Beauty salons and barbershops
Car washes
Hotels and motels
Schools and university buildings
Industrial process lines