Storm Collar Pipe

Vent pipe that already has an inbuilt storm collar for convenience.  Prevents excessive moisture or rain from entering in through the roof flashing.

Download TK-KPSP4 View in 3D PDF

Roof Pieces includes all the basic components for Roof Venting.  Our Vent pieces include Roof Pieces for Flat and Angled Roof Flashing.  Along with these items, T-Vent offers Roof Jacks, Storm Collar Pipes and Storm Collars for added selection and so that you can get exactly what you need.   

T-Vent by Takagi offers the best in venting products including:

  • Simple Leak-proof gasketed connections (no sealant required)
  • Quick and easy- “Snap-Lock” connections
  • High quality-Category III Stainless Steel
  • Versatility-vertical and horizontal terminations
  • Sliding adjustable pieces and convenience-T-vent kits are available
  • All T-Vent Products are UL Listed
  • All connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets

TK-KPSP4 Storm Collar Pipe  D 4"; D1 8.3"; L 24.0"; L1 2.0"