Eco Friendly

Takagi is committed to protecting public health and the environment. In addition to developing a quality line of Tankless products that are energy efficient, our products also help to reduce airborne pollutants and preserve our natural resources.

Takagi Tankless Products Are Green Friendly
  • 82% - 95% Energy Efficient.
  • Use Less Energy - 20% - 50% Energy Savings.
  • Takagi Meets The Low NOx Standards By South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).
  • Takagi Tankless Heaters Are Made from 95%+ Recyclable Materials.

Takagi Technology Helps Preserve Our Environment

Carbon Emissions Chart

Resources: kg CO2 produced per BTU from DOE | Annual Energy consumption estimated using the DOE test procedure, found on ENERGY STAR 2007 report | Eucalyptus tree CO2 absorption rate from Japan

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Takagi IS GREEN Friendly


Because of its energy saving qualities, a Takagi Tankless water heater produces less carbon dioxide than a traditional tank type water heater. To put this difference into perspective, the amount of carbon dioxide reduction achieved by switching to a single Takagi tankless unit is equivalent to planting 50 eucalyptus trees (for LP models).

takagi tankless produces less carbon dioxide than a traditional tank typ water heater.

USGBC logo Takagi is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


Takagi's Eco-Movement Takagi's Eco-Movement

Takagi employees are taking the initiative to join the Green Movement and make their office more environmentally friendly.? One of the more notable instances in Takagi's Green Campaign is that they have saved over $500 monthly in office supplies (compared to February of 2008). The Takagi Staff invites you to look around your office and home environments and see what steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the quantity of things you recycle.

Here are a few other examples of the steps Takagi employees have taken to encourage a healthier and cleaner environment:

  • Takagi encourages employees to bring plates, cups and eating utensils from home that can be washed and reused. This saves on the quantity of garbage removed from the building by reducing disposable plates, cups, and utensils being put in waste bins. This also keeps harmful Styrofoam and plastic products from finding it's way to the refuse piles.

  • Takagi recycles printer cartridges and drums. Not only does that save a few dollars in the form of an instant rebate, it also keeps harmful chemicals from entering our groundwater supply.

  • Takagi recycles paper from the printers, copiers and fax machines as well as recycling trade magazines. These recycled materials can be reused to make more paper and save natural resources..

  • Takagi has installed motion sensor lighting in the restroom facilities. This has already shown a significant reduction in electric bills. ?Not only does it save money, but it saves energy as well!

  • While Takagi does have printed media, Takagi also offers all of it's brochures, catalogs, and flyers as printable .PDF documents in the online Media Kit. This encourages everyone to keep this information on their hard drive instead of wasting paper. ?Adobe .PDF documents are easy to organize and donft get lost or damaged as easily as paper. Takagi encourages everyone to download the latest copies of our catalogs on our Media Page to help save the environment!

  • Takagi recycles batteries from cell phones, laptops and standard batteries from office equipment. This keeps harmful pollutants from getting into the groundwater in the refuse facilities. Many parts of batteries are recyclable so recycling them saves natural resources.

  • Takagi has installed their Fresh Seat bidet toilet seats in all restroom facilities in the Corporate Office. This not only allows the employees to have working knowledge of Takagi products, but it also encourages less use of paper goods in the bathroom.