At Takagi, we place the safety and reliability of our products above all else. By incorporating technologically advanced safety features into every model, we provide the assurance and peace-of-mind that can only come from a Takagi quality product.

Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensor

Takagi’s unique AFR sensor monitors and maintains proper combustion at all times. Together with the onboard computer, this system will adjust the fan motor speed to ensure that air and fuel have a proper mixture ratio, minimizing emissions and maximizing efficiency.

Additional Safety Features

Freeze Protection:

Every heater in Takagi’s tankless lineup has an internal freeze protection system, which is rated to protect the heaters when installed in sub-freezing conditions. This system ensures that water temperatures within the heat exchanger never fall below a certain level, preventing freeze damage.


Hi-Limit Switch:

Ensures that water temperatures do not exceed unsafe levels. Before the water temperature can even reach these unsafe levels, the hi-limit switch activates by disengaging the gas valves, effectively shutting down the water heater.


Overheat Cutoff Fuse:

Ensures that there are no breaches in combustion. In cases where enough physical damage might have been done to the water heater to lead to a breach in combustion, the overheat cutoff fuse reacts by shutting down the water heater if the surface of the heat exchanger retains too much heat.