Horizontal Hood

Horizontal Hood can be used where the outside elements might allow moisture in.

Download TK-KPHT4  View in 3D PDF

The louver also keeps out pests and birds. The horizontal hood is usually used in combination with a wall thimble.

T-Vent by Takagi offers the best in venting products including:

  • Simple Leak-proof gasketed connections (no sealant required)
  • Quick and Easy- “Snap-Lock” connections
  • High Quality-Category III Stainless Steel
  • Versatility-vertical and horizontal terminations
  • Sliding adjustable pieces and convenience-T-vent kits are available
  • All T-Vent Products are UL Listed
  • All connections have heat resistant rubber gaskets.


TK-KPHT4 Vent Termination Horizontal Hood  D 4"; D1 7.3"; L 2.0"; L1 6.7"; L2 3.7"